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At Premier Pooch, we understand that your furry family members deserve the very best. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing the finest dog supplements in the industry, and we have rigorously tested every product. Each product in our range has been tested alongside top level scientists to ensure that we are offering the best possible product.

We only use the highest quality natural ingredients in all of our supplements. We believe that natural solutions are the key to promoting overall well-being in our beloved canine companions. Our commitment to using pure, non-GMO ingredients means that you can trust what you are giving to your pooch.

Amino acids are the building blocks to life, and we have harnessed their power to create supplements that support your dog’s vitality and longevity. Our formulations are designed to target specific health needs, ensuring your dog receives the right amino acids to thrive and stay active.

Your satisfaction is our priority, our friendly customer service team at Premier Pooch are here to assist you every step of the way. Have any questions or concerns about the right supplement for your dog? We’re just a call or message away. We aren’t just selling products we are building lasting relationships with you and your canine friend.

We understand that every dog is unique, which is why here at Premier Pooch we have a range of supplements to cater to different breeds, size and health conditions. Ensuring that we can get your dog back to their normal self.

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After the great success of our K9 Calming Cookies, we decided that we should venture into expanding our canine range, after many months of testing the products on several dogs of all breeds and sizes, we formulated the best supplements from the extensive knowledge that we had obtained.

Our goal here at Premier Pooch is to get every canine back to their thriving self, whether that be pooching around the house or bashing around an agility course.

We believe that the best solution to this is a well-maintained diet, correct training and natural supplements which can compliment and aid every part of your dog’s life.

Dr Jacqueline Boyd


Dr Jacqueline Boyd, BSc (Hons), MSc, PhD, PGCHE, CHES, FHEA, MRSB, MAPDT 01583

Animal Behaviour and Training Council (ABTC) Registered Animal Training Instructor


Jacqueline is passionate about making the world a better place for dogs and their people, by enhancing peoples’ understanding of what dogs really need and how us humans can help them, especially through improving their welfare via evidence-based management, nutrition, and training.

Jacqueline holds a first-class BSc (Hons) in Zoology (Parasitology), an MSc (with distinction) in Animal Nutrition, a PhD in Genetics, a postgraduate certificate in higher education and is a certified humane education specialist (CHES). She has worked in academic research exploring nematode genetics and has lectured students in animal science, teaching on a wide range of subjects from nutrition to genetics and researching the kinematics of sports dogs (amongst other things).

There has also been a stint in the commercial world as a canine and equine nutritionist, gaining further industry-related nutrition and advisory skills.

Jacqueline currently writes, coaches, and consults on all aspects of canine science and works part time as a Senior Lecturer in Animal Science at Nottingham Trent University. She also tutors canine-related short courses and is an Affiliate at The University of Glasgow, School of Veterinary Medicine. Jacqueline is a full member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT, 01583) and is an Animal Behaviour and Training Council (ABTC) Registered Animal Training Instructor. This means that Jacqueline has extensive academic, educational and industry experience.

In addition, Jacqueline writes regularly for the canine press, and has authored seven book chapters relating to animal nutrition and canine science. In 2023, her first book was published by The Crowood Press, titled ‘Canine Nutrition – Food, Feeding and Function’.

Jacqueline has also lectured on aspects on animal health and welfare abroad through her voluntary work with a UK based animal welfare charity and is a regular guest speaker at canine events.

Living with, working, and training her five cocker spaniels in a range of canine disciplines, from agility to gundog work, to heelwork-to-music, means that Jacqueline also has a robust understanding of the practical realities of the dog world from a personal perspective, adding to the “real-word” applications of her experience and content delivery and writing, as well as keeping her very firmly grounded and smiling a lot!

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